Saturday, September 24, 2005

Seth on Scientists

Any instruments made on your plane are like your outer senses, constructed to perceive camouflage patterns. The instruments of the scientists, and the outer senses themselves, are camouflage patterns and cannot, and never will, dissect themselves.
-Session 372, Page 95 - The Early Sessions, Book 1


If you can look backward from your planetary viewpoint with your physical instruments, and using your own terms and definitions, then from some point you see within the same framework, your scientists should be able to look forward, and they cannot.
-Session 249 The Early Sessions, The Early Sessions, Book 6


Do not place the words of gurus, ministers, priests, scientists, psychologists, friends -- or my words -- higher than the feelings of your own being.
-Session 677, Page 433 - The Nature of Personal Reality


There are inner meeting places, then, interior places that serve as points of inner commerce and communication. In a completely different context, they are quite as used as any city or marketplace in the physical world. This will be elaborated upon later in the book. Our dream-art scientist learns to recognize such points of correlation.
-Session 700, Page 183 - The Unknown Reality, Volume 1


I have mentioned the dream-art scientist and the mental physicist. I would like to add here the complete physician.
-Session 703, Page 205 - The Unknown Reality, Volume 1


Any scientist who believes that life has no meaning has simply provided himself with what he thinks of as an unfailing support against life’s vicissitudes. If he says: Life has no meaning, he cannot be disappointed if such is the case, for he is ensconced in a self-created cocoon that has meaning, because it provides a cushion against his deepest fears.
-Session 866, Page 269 - The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events


A scientist who would threaten the very survival of life on the planet in order to increase life’s conveniences, however, truly displaying ludicrous behavior (with irony).
-Session 914, Page 347 - Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 2

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Early Sessions, Book 8

"There is a short-circuiting process in which even good intentions are distorted and turned to other purposes. That which is feared is feared so strongly and concentrated upon so intensely that it is attracted rather than repelled. The approach should not be fear of war but love of peace; not fear of poor health but concentration upon the enjoyment of good health; not fear of poverty, but concentration upon the unlimited supplies available on your earth. Desire attracts but fear also attracts. Severe fear is highly dangerous in this respect and in this context."

Session 337, Page 17

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Seth Speaks

"In sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimension of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences."

Session 538, Page 134