Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"In your mind, therefore, see those probable abilities or events taking place. As you do, the intensity of your desire brings them into your experience."

Session 655, Page 288

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 8

"This is not the Cayce material, with information seemingly coming from some vast storehouse of knowledge. In those terms no such storehouse exists. Knowledge does not exist independently of the one who knows. Someone gave Cayce the material. It did not come out of thin air. It came from an excellent source, a pyramid gestalt personality, with definite characteristics, but the alien nature of the personality was too startling to Cayce, and he could not perceive it."

Session 417, Page 317

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seth Speaks

The inner experience with the multidimensional God can come in two main areas. One is through the realization that this prime moving force is within everything that you can perceive with your senses. The other method is to realize that this primary motive force has a reality independent of its connection with the world of appearances. All personal contact with the multidimensional God, all legitimate moments of mystic consciousness, will always have a unifying effect. They will not, therefore, isolate the individual involved, but instead will enlarge his perceptions until he will experience the reality and uniqueness of as many other aspects of reality of which he is capable. He will feel, therefore, less isolated and less set apart. He will not regard himself as being above others because of the experience. On the contrary he will be swept along in a gestalt of comprehension in which he realizes his own oneness with All That Is." />

Session 561, Page 208

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

"Those involved in such disasters - the survivors - often use such larger-than-life circumstances in order to participate in affairs that seem to have greater import than those possessed by previous humdrum existences. They seek the excitement, whatever its consequences. They become a part of history to whatever extent. For once their private lives are identified with a greater source - and from it many derive new strength and vitality. Social barriers are dropped, economic positions forgotten. The range of private emotions is given greater, fuller, sweep."

Session 821, Page 99

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 8

"It is as if any artist finished a painting, and instead of going to a new one he does countless variations of the original, without realizing what he is doing. This is a between-plane existence, and legends refer to it as purgatory."

Session 396, Page 198

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Therefore a seeming division occurs, in which a portion of the invisible conscious mind is connected with the physical brain, and a portion of it is free of that connection. That [latter] part forms what you think of as the involuntary system of the body."

Session 626, Page 100

Friday, August 25, 2006

Exercise: Replacing Negative Images with Constructive Ones

There is an inability to handle his own energy- At times his own energy frightens him, and then it seems to abandon him completely. Here, however, he has abandoned it, for he succumbs easily to negative suggestions. Because he is sensitive to various elements, he also soaks up atmosphere and suggestions like a sponge, and he has not learned to protect himself.

In poor periods he is almost completely vulnerable to negative suggestion, so that it operates through his own psychic and physical system. He should then often give himself the following suggestion: I will only react to constructive suggestions. You may take a break and we shall continue.

Now, listen to me. When you find yourself facing such negative images in your mind and projecting them into the future, you should at once mentally wipe out that image and replace it with a constructive image, seeing yourself, for example, sitting in command of a well-ordered room.

This must be done immediately and upon every such occasion and under every such circumstance. This exercise will indeed wipe out the previous negative image.

You must mentally wipe out the negative image, for example. If you think that tomorrow Johnny F will misbehave in study hall, you should, in your mind, replace this with the image of Johnny F behaving very well. In the first place, if you imagine that a particular student will misbehave, you are automatically sending him a telepathic message to that effect. If he is highly susceptible to suggestion, he will carry out the suggestions that you have given.

When you replace this with a constructive thought, you are sending that constructive suggestion to which he will also react. Any time you see yourself in your mind as unhealthy or staggering, you must immediately wipe the image away and make an effort to see instead a mental image of yourself as healthy and strong.

Such images affect your whole physical system through the manufacture of hormones and chemicals. Suggestions, whether given to you or given by you, cause an emotional situation that automatically affects the production of hormones and chemicals.

I told you to tell yourself- I will only react to constructive suggestions. If however, you find yourself harboring a negative suggestion, then instantly counter it by replacing it with a constructive one.

This can be compared and correctly to errors in a painting. When you are in a poor state of mind, you automatically affect the others you meet, negatively. You then react to their behavior and complete the circle. Now this leads into a highly charged emotional environment, which is the cause of the depressions of which you have spoken.

When the peak is reached then self-pity controls your emotions so completely that there seems to be no escape. In a mood of self-pity there is indeed an almost perverted luxury, the luxury of despair, for despair says: There is nothing I can do, and relieves you of any responsibility for change. This applies not to you only but to such a state in general. You become incapable of getting out of yourself, even to the extent of enjoying small pleasures and, little by little it seems every joy is withdrawn from you until nothing is left but despair.

This is caused by the culmination of negative suggestions and of negative thought. They build up until you can take it no longer. In the natural state of affairs, however, sooner or later, some highly charged positive suggestion then begins to clear the emotional air.

The Early Sessions, Book I
Session 332, Page 333-334

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seth Speaks

"In a light trance the meaning of dream symbols will be given to you if you ask for them."

Session 570, Page 252

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Nature of the Psyche

"In larger terms, it is as natural for a man to love a man, and for a woman to love a woman, as it is to show love for the opposite sex. For that matter, it is more natural to be bisexual."

Session 769, Page 61

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"The hypnotist then acts as a parent substitute. In cases of therapy, an individual is already frightened, and because of the beliefs in your civilization he looks not to himself but to an authority figure for help."

Session 659, Page 312

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 4

"The conscious mind, the ego, must be momentarily diverted, so that the intuitive self is allowed freedom."

Session 186, Page 251

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 3

"These subpersonalities are not unconscious to themselves. They are conscious of themselves but they are not conscious of themselves in relation to other selves. They are conscious of needs and drives, and of their existence.... When the outer ego is narrow, and poorly represents these subdominant personalities then they rise up in arm, and when conditions are favorable attempt to express themselves through a momentary weakness on the part of the dominant ego. But without even doing this they may momentarily take over or express themselves through a single function, such as speech or motion, while the outer ego is blissfully unaware. "

Session 119, Page 207

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Way Toward Health

"For one thing, again, almost all situations, including the most drastic, can be changed for the better to some extent, and the very attempt to do so increase a person’s sense of control over his or her own circumstances."

Session 6/17, Page 291

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Nature of the Psyche

"This direct kind of knowledge is available, again, on any subject, to anyone who provides a suitable pattern through desire, love, intent or belief."

Session 763, Page 39

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Way Toward Health

"The mind grows wiser with age when it is allowed to do so. There is even an acceleration of thought and inspiration, much like that experience in the adolescent years. that suddenly brings a new understanding to the aged individual, and provides an impetus that should help the person to achieve greater comprehension - a comprehension that should quell all fears of death."

Session 1/xx, Page 170

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Way Toward Health

"We must also remember, however, that in a fashion BELIEFS THEMSELVES ARE TOOLS, and that in some situations beliefs that seem quite negative can also clear the way for more beneficial ones. With all of this discussion of negative beliefs, therefore, it is a good idea not to call any beliefs BAD or evil in themselves. They are no more bad or evil in their own way, say, than viruses are in theirs. If you look upon them in that manner, you will avoid being overwhelmed by what seems to be an endless parade of negative thoughts and beliefs that can only lead to destruction. Instead, compare the negative beliefs, for example, with the STORMS that sweep the country: they have their purposes - and all in all those purposes tend to promote and support life itself."

Session 5/31, Page 241

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Unknown Reality, Volume 2

"The effects of objectivity are caused as the psyche projects its experience into inner dimensions that it has itself created"

Session 711, Page 331

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 5

"It must be understood however that these other portions of the self are incapable of the ego’s intense focus within physical reality. Their focus is elsewhere. However, these selves are not limited as is the ego to one main field of perception only"

Session 219, Page 171

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seth on Killing

This is from the Seth group online:
Hi Everyone,
Here is facinating Seth quote on how killing is wrong, and eventually we won't have to kill to exist (kill for food); and also how there is no punishment involved.

Seth (Session 32): Jane was very upset over the killing of starlings by the police.

Seth responds: "Killing except for self-protection will be paid for. The idea of killing is what is at fault. If you agree with the killing of birds for example, you wind up with the killing of men. You will be taught the sacredness of all life, and in the most practical way."

Rob: "How about our killing animals for food?"

Seth: "On your plane the hunter and the prey system is at this time a necessary one but it will not always be this way. A time will come when you will not have to kill in order to exist, and the balance of nature will take care of itself. This time is sooner on the way than you think. In your country if there is peace, you will see its beginning in your lifetimes."

Rob: "Does this include doing away with slaughterhouses?"

Seth: "It most certainly does. This involves your own intellectual technology, which will be able to maintain its population with synthetic proteins. However this technological development will come first; unfortunately the corresponding ethical evolution will follow after. There is a very practical reason for a reverence of all life, and very practical reasons why man must learn certain facts that up to this point he has considered impractical. He has usually managed to separate his ethical conceptions from his daily business life, but this shall be increasingly difficult for him to manage. Until you learn reverence for all living things you will continue to slaughter each other. Again, this does not involve punishment in any sense of the word. but the idea of killing permissiveness is not discriminating. Once you allow yourselves to kill you will kill any living thing. In future lives this involves the race in further adjustments."

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"By recognizing these differences and honestly following the feelings through -- in other words, by riding the emotions -- you will be led to the beliefs behind them. A series of self-revelations will inevitably result, each leading you to further creative psychological activity. At each stage you will be closer to the reality of your experience than you have ever been."

Session 644, Page 214

Friday, August 11, 2006

Seth Speaks

"As a preliminary to the methods I will give later, it is a good idea to ask yourself now and then: What am I actually conscious of at this time? Do this when your eyes open, and again when they are closed. When your eyes are open, do not take for granted that only the immediately perceivable objects exist. Look where space seems empty, and listen in the middle of silence."

Session 539, Page 140a

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"In your mind, therefore, see those probable abilities or events taking place. As you do, the intensity of your desire brings them into your experience."

Session 655, Page 288

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

"In certain terms the past, present, and future [of your present life] are all compressed in any given moment of your experience. Any such moment is therefore a gateway into all of your existence."

Session 806, Page 59

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Exercise: Broadcasting your altered position

When someone who has been ill starts on the road to recovery through changing his beliefs, he may be quite surprised to find even his dearest allies suddenly upset, reminding him of the "reality" of his dire state for the same reasons.

Because beliefs form reality - the structure of experience - any change in beliefs altering that structure initiates change to some extent, of course. The status quo which served a certain purpose is gone, new exercises are introduced, another creative process begins. Because your private beliefs are shared with others, because there is interaction, then any determined change of direction on your part is felt by others, and they will react in their own fashion.

You are setting out to experience the most fulfilled reality that you can. To do this you have, hopefully, begun to examine your beliefs. You may want others to change. In doing so you begin with yourself. I told you (in the 619th session) to imagine a game in which you see yourself acting in line with the new desired belief. As you do so, see yourself affecting others in the new fashion.

See them reacting to you in the new way. This is highly important because telepathically you are sending them interior messages. You are telling them that you are changing the conditions and behavior of your relationship. You are broadcasting your altered position.

Some will be quite able to understand you at that level. There may be those who need the old framework, and someone, if not you, to play the part you played before. Those people will either drop out of your experience or you must drop them from yours.

Once more, if you think of daily life as an ever-moving three-dimensional painting with you as the artist, then you will realize that as your beliefs change so will your experience. You must accept the idea completely, however, that your beliefs form your experience. Discard those beliefs that are not bringing you those effects you want. In the meantime you will often be in the position of telling yourself that something is true in the face of physical data that seems completely contradictory. You may say, "I live amid abundance and am free from want," while your eyes tell you that the desk is piled with bills. You must realize that you are the one who produced that "physical evidence" that still faces you, and you did so through your beliefs.

So as you alter the belief, the physical evidence will gradually begin to "prove" your new belief as faithfully as it did your old one. You must work with your own ideas. While there are general categories of beliefs, and general reasons for them, you must become personally aware of your own, for no one person is completely like any other. The old beliefs served a purpose and fulfilled a need.

As mentioned earlier you may have believed that of itself poverty was more spiritual than abundance, or that you were basically unworthy and should therefore punish yourself by being poor.

According to your energy, power and intensity, you can help change the beliefs of many people, of course.

In your daily physical life you are usually concerned simply with changing your beliefs about yourself, and then changing the beliefs others hold about you. You will find conflicting beliefs within yourself and you must become aware of these. As an example, you may believe that you want to understand the nature of your inner self - you may tell yourself you want to remember your dreams, but at the same time still hold a belief in the basic unworthiness of the self, and be quite frightened of remembering your dreams because of what you might find there.

It does no good in such a case to bemoan the situation and say, "I want to understand myself but I'm frightened that I will not like what I find." You yourself must change your beliefs. You must stop believing that the inner self is a dungeon of unsavory repressed emotion. It does contain some repressed emotion. It also contains great intuition, knowledge, and the answers to all of your questions.

Listen to your own conversation as you speak with friends, and to theirs. See how you reinforce each other's beliefs. See how your imaginations often follow the same lines. All of this is quite out in the open if you realize that it is.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 6

"Your waking consciousness only participates in projections as a rule when you are in a period of high vitality, and exceptional health. On occasion the waking consciousness does participate during other usually very depressed periods. But generally speaking high energy is needed in order to maintain overall stability, and in order that the ego is not overstrained ...It is the same with the conscious retention of dreams in general. You are indeed exercising what amounts to an added ability."

Session 277, Page 304

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 7

"If you are awakened for any reason during the night, the chances for a conscious projection on your return to sleep are somewhat higher than they would have been had your sleep not been interrupted."

Session 290, Page 70

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seth Speaks

"The methods, the secret methods behind all of the religions, were meant to lead man into a realm of understanding that existed apart from the symbols and the stories, into inner realizations that would take him both within and without the physical world that he knew."
Session 568, Page 240

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Way Toward Health

"It should be noted before we begin that death itself is -- a deliverer -- of your species and all others. It is not negative in itself, but instead is the beginning of a different kind of positive existence. It prunes the planet so to speak, so there is a room and time for all, energy and food for all...If death disappeared even an hour all of life would soon be threatened."

Session 3/13, Page 140

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 3

"Because of its relative freedom, however, the self, returning from the dream world, can impart to the individual knowledge of much the physical self could not ordinarily be aware. Much of this knowledge, then, resides in the subconscious while the ego goes on its way."

Session 107, Page 142

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Seth Speaks

"I communicate with your dimension, for example, not by willing myself to your level of reality, but by imagining myself there. All of my deaths would have been adventures had I realized what I know now. On the one hand you take life too seriously, and on the other, you do not take playful existence seriously enough."

Session 518, Page 32

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

"Unfortunately, many of your public health programs, and commercial statements through the various media, provide you with mass meditations of a most deplorable kind. I refer to those in which the specific symptoms of various diseases are given, in which the individual is further told to examine the body with those symptoms in mind. I also refer to those statements that just as unfortunately specify diseases for which the individual may experience no symptoms of an observable kind, but is cautioned that these disastrous physical events may be happening despite his or her feelings of good health."

Session 805, Page 48