Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Listen to your own train of thought as you go about your days. What suggestions and ideas are you giving yourself? Realize that these will be materialized in your personal experience. "

Session 615, Page 31

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"For best results, you must remember that ideas are as alive as the cells within your hand."

Session 632, Page 127

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seth Speaks

"Those mentioned earlier who enter at the point of conception are usually highly anxious for physical existence. They will, therefore, be more fully developed and show their individual characteristics very early. They seize upon the new body and already mold it. The control over matter is vigorous, and they usually stay within the body, dying either in accidents or where death is immediate or in sleep or with a disease that strikes quickly. They are manipulators of matter as a rule."

Session 557, Page 197

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Unknown Reality, Volume 1

"If you pay more attention to what you think of as coincidences, you will discover another kind of order that underlies the recognized order you follow."

Session 693, Page 135

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Therefore a seeming division occurs, in which a portion of the invisible conscious mind is connected with the physical brain, and a portion of it is free of that connection. That [latter] part forms what you think of as the involuntary system of the body."

Session 626, Page 100

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

"Children do already possess character at birth, and the entire probable intent of their lives exists then as surely as does the probable plan for the adult body they will later possess."

Session 827, Page 130

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 5

"...for the dream experiments that we plan will enable you to accumulate in time a list of primaries...it will be shortly discovered that the physical organism does not age in sleep at the same rate at which it ages in the waking state. Aging, therefore, is not a primary... A recognition of the differences between primary and secondary conditions can however allow you to minimize the effects of the secondary conditions to some considerable degree."

Session 208, Page 70

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Seth Speaks

"At certain depths of sleep, however, the soul’s perception operates relatively unhampered. You drink, so to speak, from the pure well of perception. You communicate with the depths of your own being, and the source of your creativity. These experiences, not being translated physically, do not remain in the morning. You do not remember them as dreams. Dreams, however, may later the same evening be formed from the information gained during what I will call the depth experience."

Session 528, Page 81

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

"There is no such thing as a chance encounter. No death occurs by chance, nor any birth. In the creative atmosphere of Framework 2, intents are known. In a manner of speaking, no act is private."

Session 815, Page 76

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Unknown Reality, Volume 1

"The picture is a relatively simple one, all in all - one in which each consciousness is assumed to be directed toward a particular focus, is ensconced in one body, with its existence bounded by birth at one end and by death at the other. Unfortunately, that picture is as limited as any one of your photographs.

You are used to examining your dream state from the viewpoint of your waking condition, but some time in the dream state try to examine your normal waking reality. Simply give yourself the instructions to do so. You may be quite surprised with the results. Speaking as simply as I can, and using concepts that you can understand, let me put it this way: From the other side - within what is loosely called the dream state there is an existence quite as valid as your own, and from that viewpoint you can be considered as the dreamer.

You are the part of you concentrating in this reality. You form it through information and through energy that on the one hand has its source outside this system, and that on the other constantly flows into this system - and so in that respect the systems are united. Give us a moment ... The same applies to all consciousness of any type or variety.

In a manner of speaking, then, your cells dream. There are minute variations of electrical discharge, not now perceivable, that could pinpoint this kind of fluctuation on the part of cells, and also on the part of atoms and molecules."

Session 699, Page 177

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1

"Beyond that, however, genetic messages are coded in such a way that there is a constant give-and-take between those messages and the present experience of any given individual. That is, no genetic event is inevitable."

Session 907, Page 271

Friday, October 20, 2006

Exercise: Rejuvenation your body, mind and spirit

The physically attuned conscious mind in your now cannot handle those staggering probabilities while maintaining a sense of identity, yet there are conscious traces within your daily thoughts that are the psychological representations of such knowledge.

Often you do not trust your imagination, considering that it deals with phenomena that cannot be called fact. Therefore you artificially form a situation in which overall traces must be made. If you are too imaginative, for example, you may not be able to adequately deal with physical life. This applies only in the cultural media in which you presently operate, however. Originally, and in your terms of time, it was precisely the imagination that in its own way set you apart from other creatures, enabling you to form realities in your mind that you could 'later' exteriorize.

Because you now distrust the imagination so, you do not understand the great clues it gives you, both in terms of problem solving and of creative expression. Many quite valid reincarnational memories come as imaginings, but you do not trust them. A good percentage of your problems can be worked out rather easily through the use of your imagination.

Often you inadvertently use it to prolong 'negative' circumstances, as you think of all the things that you could do wrong. Yet you can employ it very constructively, altering past, present and future. To do so in your present, freely imagine a situation in which you are happy. To begin with your imaginings may seem foolish. If you are elderly, poor and lonely, it may seem highly ludicrous to think of yourself as twenty, wealthy, and surrounded by friends and admirers.

Indeed, if after such an enjoyable exercise you look about you and compare what you have envisioned with what you have, then you may feel worse than you did before. You are to realize that this imaginative world does exist - but not in the world of facts that you know. To some extent, however, according to your freedom within it, such an exercise will automatically rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, and begin to draw to you whatever equivalent is possible for you within the world of facts that you know (emphatically).

Using age as an example now, it may seem to you that you are a given age, that within your subjective experience it must be paramount, that regardless of your age you are to some extent closed off from the experience of being any other age. In some simultaneous existences you are very young, however, and in others very old. Some of your physical cells are brand new, so to speak - the regeneration of fresh life is physically within you; in your terms this is true not only until your death but even after it, when your hair and nails can still grow. Identify then with the constantly new energy alive within you in this now of your being (very intently) and realize that on all levels you are biologically and psychologically connected with that greater identity that is your own.

No matter what your current situation, the answers lie within your own aspirations and abilities. Often you will hold down or inhibit certain aspects of your experience in order to use others - using those available will automatically free you from inhibitions in other areas.

There may be physical circumstances involving birth defects that are beyond alteration, where experience must be focused along other than usual pathways, yet even here those talents and characteristics that are available will open up vistas of experience and achievement.

When you are utilizing your imagination in the way I have suggested, purposefully do so in a playful manner, knowing that in so-called realistic terms there may be great discrepancies between imagination and fact. In your reality take that for granted. Yet often your freewheeling, 'silly,' seemingly unrealistic imagination will bring you quite practical solutions to your problems, for if the exercise is done properly you will be automatically releasing yourself from restrictions that you have taken for granted.

Even if a direct solution does not appear, rejuvenation will of itself begin to point you in the proper direction. If you are a woman in an unhappy marriage, for example, you may begin by imagining yourself with a fine suitor. No Sir Galahad may appear, but if the exercise is pursued properly you will automatically begin to feel loved, and therefore worthy of love, and lovable, where before you felt rejected, unworthy and inferior. This feeling of being loved will alter your reality, drawing love to you. You will act loved. Your spouse may then find you exhibiting characteristics of a most pleasant nature, and he himself may change.

On the other hand you may draw another man to you, and end the marriage that has served its purposes in all ways, finding now the impetus and the reasons for change. Because your imagination transcends time, it is one of your greatest touchstones to your own identity.

You must, of course, be able to distinguish between the world of imagination and the physical world of fact in order to be able to manipulate effectively. But physical reality springs from the imagination, which follows the path of your beliefs.

In the exercise just given, you use the belief in effective change in any given area, and then allow your imagination freedom along those directed lines. Such an exercise automatically does even more, opening up the window of perception and letting in the knowledge and experience of other portions of the self. As this light and energy flows through, it will be tinted or colored by your own psychological reality, as the rays of the sun are through colored glass. This simply means that the other-dimensional information will often appear in ordinary guise, through an intuitive hunch, a sudden idea, or some solution that has already occurred to you but has not been acted upon.

The Nature of Personal Reality
Session 669, Page 383

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Seth Speaks

"You usually glide from wakefulness through to sleep without ever noticing the various conditions of consciousness through which you pass, yet there are several. First, of course, with various degrees of spontaneity, there is the inward turn of consciousness away from physical data, from worries and concerns of the day. Then there is an undifferentiated level between wakefulness and sleep where you act as a receiver -- passive but open, in which telepathic and clairvoyant messages come to you quite easily."

Session 570, Page 249

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Within the bounds of creaturehood certain things are possible and certain things are not. You cannot re-generate a limb, or grow a new one. You can cure yourself of an incurable disease if you realize that your point of power is in the present."

Session 666, Page 368

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Therefore the present is your point of power in your current lifetime, as you think of it. If you assign greater force to the past, then you will feel ineffective and deny yourself your own energy."

Session 656, Page 292

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Nature of the Psyche

"All That Is vibrates with desire. The denial of desire will bring you only listlessness. Those who deny desire are the most smitten by it."

Session 800, Page 219

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"Love, as it is often experienced, allows an individual to take his sense of self-worth from another for a time, and to at least momentarily let the other’s belief in his goodness supersede his own belief in lack of worth."

Session 661, Page 328

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Exercise: Imagine where your breath goes when it leaves your body

The greater your 'period' of reflection, the greater the amount of time that seems to pass between events.

You seem to think that there is an expanse of time between reincarnational existences, that one follows the other as one moment seems to follow another. Because you perceive a reality of cause and effect, you hypothesize a reality in which one life affects the next one. With your theories of guilt and punishment you often imagine that you are hampered in this existence by guilts collected in the last life - or worse, accumulated through the centuries.

These multiple existences, however, are simultaneous and open ended. In your terms the conscious mind is growing toward a realization of the part it has to play in such multidimensional reality. It is enough that you understand your part in this existence. When you fully comprehend that you form what you think of as your current reality, all else will fall into place.

Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings are instantly materialized physically. Their earthly reality occurs simultaneously with their inception, but in the world of time, lapses between appear to occur. So I say one causes the other, and I use those terms to help you understand, but all are at once. So are your multiple lives occurring as the immediate realization of your being in the natural extension of its man)-faceted abilities.

'At once' does not imply a finished state of perfection nor a cosmic situation in which all things have been done, for all things are still happening. You are still happening - but both present and future selves; and your past self is still undergoing what you think is done. Moreover, it is experiencing events that you do not recall, that your linear-attuned consciousness cannot perceive on that level.

Your body has within it the miraculous strength and creative energy with which, in your terms, it was born. You most probably take this to mean that I am implying the possibility of an unending state of youth. While youth can be physically 'prolonged' far beyond its present duration, that is not what I am saying.

Physically, your body must follow the nature into which you were born, and in that context the cycle of youth and age is highly important. In some ways, the rhythm of birth and death is like a breath taken and exhaled. Feel your own breath as it comes and goes. You are not it, yet it comes into you and leaves you, and without its continuous flow you could not physically exist. just so your lives go in and out of you - you and yet not you. And a portion of you, while letting them all go, remembers them and knows their journey.

Imagine where your breath goes when it leaves your body, how it escapes through an open window perhaps and becomes a part of the space outside, where you would never recognize it - and when it has left you it is no longer a part of what you are, for you are already different.

So the lives you have lived are not you, while they are of you. Close your eyes. Think of your breaths as lives, and you the entity through which they have passed and are passing. Then you will feel your state of grace, and all artificial guilts will be meaningless. None of this negates the supreme and utter integrity of your individuality, for you are as well the individual entity through whom the lives flow, and the unique lives that are expressed through you.

No one atom of air is like another. Each in its own way is aware and capable of entering into greater transformations and organizations, filled with infinite potential. As your breath leaves you and becomes part of the world, free, so do your lives leave you and continue to exist in your terms. You cannot confine a personality that you 'were' to a particular century that is finished and deny it other fulfillments, for even now it exists and has fresh experience. As your moment of reflection gave birth to consciousness as you think of it - for both really came together - so then can another phenomenon and kind of reflection give birth to at least some dim conscious awareness of the vast dimensions of your own reality.

The animal moves, say, through a forest. You move through psychic, psychological and mental areas in the same way. Through his senses the animal gets messages from distant areas that he cannot directly perceive, and of which he is largely unaware. And so do you.

Session 636, Page 154

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Nature of Personal Reality

"In each person’s experience, there are areas with which he or she is pleased. When you find yourself dissatisfied, however, question the orders you are giving in that particular arena of experience. The results do not seem, now, to follow your conscious desires. But you will find that they do follow your conscious beliefs, which may be quite different."

Session 659, Page 311

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 7

"This is a cornerstone for consciousness and for personality development. It is only a first step, however. Without it, no further development of consciousness can occur. This particular step is not attained by all within your system. You are at this point now. This state has been called cosmic consciousness, but it is hardly that. The next step is taken when identity is able to include within itself the intimate knowledge of all incarnations. Yet in this state the independence of the various reincarnated selves is not diminished."

Session 309, Page 227

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Seth Speaks

"The methods, the secret methods behind all of the religions, were meant to lead man into a realm of understanding that existed apart from the symbols and the stories, into inner realizations that would take him both within and without the physical world that he knew."

Session 568, Page 240

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seth Speaks

"Your rate of learning depends entirely upon you, however. Limited, dogmatic, or rigid concepts of good and evil can hold you back. Too narrow ideas of the nature of existence can follow you through several lives if you do not choose to be spiritually and psychically flexible."

Session 550, Page 170

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Way Toward Health

"When you become too serious you overwork your intellect and tire your body, for then it seems that your entire life depends upon the reasoning of your intellect alone. Instead, of course, your intellectual abilities are supported and promoted by that inner mixture of spontaneity and order that so magically combine to form both your reality and the reality of the world."

Session 2/xx, Page 137

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Nature of the Psyche

"The language of the psyche, however is far richer and more varied. Its words spring alive. Its verbs really move, and do not simply signify or stand for, motion (emphatically). Its nouns become what they signify Its declensions are multidimensional. Its verbs and nouns can become interchangeable. In a way the psyche is its own language."

Session 781, Page 115

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Seth Speaks

"To prevent an over identification of the individual with his present sex, within the male there resides an inner personification of femaleness. This personification of femaleness in the male is the true meaning of what Jung called the anima."

Session 555, Page 184

Friday, October 06, 2006

Seth Speaks

"Inner vibrational touch is a much more personal experience, more like becoming a part of that which you perceive, rather than for example a reading of an aura."

Session 581, Page 306

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 8

"Knowledge automatically changes the personality and the camouflage structure through which it flows. Knowledge, in other words, is action."

Session 412, Page 294

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 7

"None of us are ever equipped, for general purposes, to perceive reality in all of its forms. The pyramid gestalts can do this, and we help the pyramid gestalts perform this feat. But as a rule we must pick and choose. There is too much for any consciousness to digest except those so highly developed that even I know little of them."

Session 297, Page 138

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 7

"Indiscriminate use of the psychedelic drugs can severely shake up learned patterns of response, that are necessary for effective manipulation within physical reality, break subtle connections and disturb electromagnetic functions. Ego failure may result. Development of the inner senses is a much more effective method of perceiving other realities, and consciousness even of physical reality is increased."

Session 285, Page 33

Monday, October 02, 2006

From the Online Seth Group

Clarification: Seth on when exterior manipulations DO WORK

Seth (ESP Class, 1-27-69):

“If there is one message I would give to you all, it is that there is no justification for killing – there is no justification for hatred – there is no justification for violence.

It may occur, but those who indulge in violence are themselves
changed, and the purity of their purpose adulterated. They are no
longer the selves that they were.

“In the past, with few exceptions, attempts have been made to change
the external situation. I have told you that if you look around you
and do not like the world that you see, then it is yourselves
individually and en masse that you must change. For this is the only
way that change will be effected. And if your generation or any
generation would ever effect a change – this is the only way change
will be effected.

“What I am telling you has been told throughout the centuries and the
people have not listened. It is up to you now (Sue and Carl) whether
or not you listen. It is wrong to curse a flower, and it is wrong to
curse any man. And it is wrong not to hold any man in honor and it is
wrong to ridicule any man. You honor yourselves. You see within
yourselves the spirit of eternal vitality, and you honor it and you
treat yourselves in that manner as gods. If you do not do this, then
you destroy all that you touch. And you honor each other individual
also, because in him is the spark of eternal vitality.”
# Alice Says:
October 1st, 2006 at 11:38 am e

Seth (ESP Class, 11-21-73):

“Now, the enemy does not need a Seth any more than you do to tell them to lay down their arms. They need their own inner selves. And, if one side lays down its arms, the other side will realize there is no need for arms.

“Now you cannot understand this now, and yet I tell you that your own
preoccupation with arms, as a country, is received by others, and
your own thoughts are materialized, and you create wars in your minds
that then must be faced with your flesh and your blood. And no drop
of blood flows, as in Ruburt’s form, that does not first flow in your
mind, and in all of your minds.

“And there is no other way to have peace but to believe in peace.

“As I speak here, others also speak in other countries, as they have
in other times. And you have not listened! And, in not listening, you
continue to create the reality that you have. And, in creating that
reality in the world that you know, and in time as you understand it,
you return again and again–sons who have been slain on the
battleground are born as women, who then bring up their fine sons to
repeat once again the old history. So it shall be done to you as you

“And, as you think, so is your world. The reality that you have is a
replica of your thoughts. If you do not like the world, you must
change your thoughts and no exterior manipulation will change the
face of your experience one iota, if you do not change your dreams
and your thoughts.”

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Early Sessions, Book 9

"In your terms the selves that are the sum of your reincarnational personalities. These whole selves then are a part of your entity."

Session 507, Page 428